My first day at Dreamforce ’13

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AUDIENCE SpringsteenToday, I experienced my first day at my first Dreamforce event. Not exactly the kind of convention I usually go to! With more than 120,000 attendees, it’s even bigger than the biggest rock concert I went to!

Since I’m here to master the Marketing Cloud and be able to sale its services to my client, I mostly subscribed to breakout sessions regarding… Marketing. I attended 5 different sessions and I can definitely say that the most inspiring one was Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers by Jeffrey K. Rohrs (@jkrohrs on Twitter). Like I wrote him, I’m gonna buy his book, Audience, and I’m actually gonna read it!

Besides being really busy with my 5 sessions, I had a chance to visit part of the expo at Moscone West and all the excitement surrounding Salesforce.

That’s it for today, nothing more to say and you don’t want to hear the story about me locking myself outside of my hotel room!

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