Third and Fourth Day at Dreamforce ’13

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After a short night of sleep and dreams about one of the most special rock concert I’ve ever attended, yet one of the most enjoyable, it was time to hit Dreamforce ’13 for a final full day of breakout sessions and hands-on training.

Green Day had its share of sound problems on Tuesday night.

Green Day had its share of sound problems on Tuesday night.

One of the most interesting session I had was surely Next Generation of Social Media Command Center. Social media directors from Capital One, Clemson University and National Australia Bank shared their experience of deploying such a command center.

In the afternoon, I had the chance to hear – with hundreds of people! – Kate Leggett from Forrester discussing the top 10 trends for Customer service.

salesforce universtity cookie

After two hands-on training sessions, I graduated from Salesforce U! Here’s my certificate.

Honestly, I’d never thought attending a conference like Dreamforce would help me be on the cutting edge of online marketing and customer service.

On the fourth and final day, I decided to rest a little at my hotel before hitting the BART to visit friends across the San Francisco Bay.

More than 24 hours after Dreamforce ’13 ended, after missing a connection in Chicago and while waiting for another United flight (thanks United for helping be home on time for a week end with my daughters), I could walk pass people with their Dreamforce backpack, I even saw one when finally arriving in Montreal… but it wasn’t mine, my bags were left in Chicago! It just gives me an hint of how big this event is and how Québec is beginning to be a part of it.

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