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Big day today at Dreamforce ’13! Marc Benioff @Benioff was on fire for the maine keynote address, and we finally had a chance to see what was under the hood of Salesforce1 (not the Tesla electric car!). Between two Huey Lewis and the News gigs, all Dreamforce attendees had a glimpse to see what Salesforce is doing for the reconstruction of Haiti with Petra Němcová, founder of Happy Hearts Fund, Laurent Lamothe, Haiti Prime Minister, and Sean Penn. After that, all the new Salesforce1 feature were presented by numerous Salesforce’s « rock star ».

san francisco restaurant

Sears Fine Foods

I started the day with a nice breakfast for Dreamforce ’13 Newbie organised by Salesforce MVP, Eric Dreshfield @ericdresh. Tell you what, if I come back next year, I’m going back to that breakfast even if I’m not a newbie! I met great people – Nancy Engel from Western Regional Children’s Advocacy Center, Annie Shek from The Commonwealth Fund and Brian Shun from – and the restaurant was perfect, Sears Fine Foods, a San Francisco’s must!

In the afternoon, I attended different sessions, and the most amazing was surely Hands-on Training: Get Started with Radian6 where everyone had a chance to explore all the features and power of Radian6. I wish I would’ve gotten there in time. Instead, I entered the wrong training session, and had to catch up at the right one!!!

Bono at Dreamforce '13

Bono at Dreamforce ’13

Between two sessions, I had some time to spend at the Dreamforce Expo, and was it Bono I saw with a Mindtouch t-shirt? Wow! Another great day at #DF13.

And now, before I go to bed, I’m going to see Green Day and Blondie!!!!

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