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Pourquoi s’appeler phare36?

Après une semaine d’activité, tout le monde veut savoir « pourquoi phare36 »? Ce qui me fait dire qu’après de nombreux efforts de synthèse, tout le monde semble comprendre les services que j’offre! Depuis que j’ai arrêté mon choix sur phare36, j’ai inventé...

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Have we met at DreamForce 2013?

We have all met a lot of people at Dreamforce '13, and it sure ain't easy to keep track of every meetings (planned or unplanned!) we had. Between two sessions, long walks from Moscone Center to the Westin St. Francis, keynote speakers and everything, I may have...

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Third and Fourth Day at Dreamforce ’13

After a short night of sleep and dreams about one of the most special rock concert I've ever attended, yet one of the most enjoyable, it was time to hit Dreamforce '13 for a final full day of breakout sessions and hands-on training. One of the most interesting...

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Second day at Dreamforce ’13

Big day today at Dreamforce '13! Marc Benioff @Benioff was on fire for the maine keynote address, and we finally had a chance to see what was under the hood of Salesforce1 (not the Tesla electric car!). Between two Huey Lewis and the News gigs, all Dreamforce...

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My first day at Dreamforce ’13

Today, I experienced my first day at my first Dreamforce event. Not exactly the kind of convention I usually go to! With more than 120,000 attendees, it's even bigger than the biggest rock concert I went to! Since I'm here to master the Marketing Cloud and be able...

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